Breast Pads

Daisy & Bird's breast pads are generously sized at approximately 12cm in diameter. Made with thirsty bamboo fleece and flannelette as the absorbent core and backed with decorative fabric.

The two styles offered are with & without PUL; breast pads withou PUL are more breathable, and have an additional layer of absorbency, with a top layer of soft organic bamboo that sits against your breast. They are backed with non-wicking minky. 

Breast pads with PUL are thinner, the waterproofing means they don't need to be quite as absorbent. The top layer is bamboo fleece, a hidden layer of flannelette and PUL. They are backed with either woven cotton, cotton lycra or pique.

Daisy & Bird
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Daisy & Bird
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