Handmade by Daisy & Bird

Handmade ~ ready to ship and made to order ~ artisan one of a kind cloth menstrual pads, breast pads, underwear, wet bags, wipes and other resuable items.  

Cloth menstrual pads are a fantastic way to be more connected to your cycle.  You will begin to understand your bleeding patterns, and often, to welcome 'Aunt Flow' because you get to use your beautiful pads!! 

They are also great for stress incontinence and light bladder leakage, that 'oh my gosh' moment when you sneeze... Yep, we've all been there!

For those who suffer with reactions to disposable products, cloth pads are a revelation - to not be itchy and uncomfortable on top of having your period is amazing.

If environmental issues matter to you, with proper care, your cloth pads will last for many years.  Washing instructions can be found here.

Daisy & Bird's cloth pads are individually handmade with high quality fabrics, with every thing from floral, adult, Disney, Harry Potter and everything in between

Absorbency is marked on the left wing with stars:

* Light/Liner - 250gsm hemp or bamboo fleece

** Moderate - 500gsm hemp or bamboo fleece

*** Heavy - 1000gsm hemp or bamboo fleece

**** Super Heavy/Post Partum - 1250gsm hemp or bamboo fleece.

All Daisy & Bird's pads also have a hidden layer of flannelette, and a hidden layer of PUL for waterproofing.  They are backed with black cotton/Lycra knit fabric.

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