About Daisy & Bird

I became interested in alternative, more sustainable ways to manage periods when my daughter was going through puberty, I knew how much discomfort disposable products caused me, and I thought there must a better option.

All of the items I sell are individually handmade by me, in my home in Canberra.  I love being able to give other women a sustainable, and fun alternative to disposable products.

The amount of waste generated by these disposable products is incredible, and I love that cloth pads will last you for many years with care.

Many of my customers have told me how changing to cloth has been amazing for them, from just feeling excited for the next time Aunt Flow show up so they can use their pads, through to relieving physical discomfort when they have had issues using disposable pads.  There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that women who use cloth pads have a reduction in cramps, I can only assume this is because they are no longer using chemically bleached products.

I have become very aware of how negatively so many of us feel about periods - from just feeling down because of hormones, right through to period shaming, I want to be part of the solution.  Our bodies are totally amazing with what they can do, and it should be celebrated.  Being able to choose a cloth pad that fits your mood, or lifts you up is very empowering.  Reclaim your femininity, and show your daughters how wonderful they are.  

Lyndsey xx