What's In My Pad?

​Daisy & Bird's pads are made with organic bamboo and hemp as the absorbent layers, and the majority of the printed fabrics are either organic or OKEO tex, very soft and comfortable, giving women the choice to spoil themselves and care for the environment at the same time.  

​If you are not sure what size or absorbency cloth pads you need, why not try a starter pack? Choose your style - pop-culture or pretty (or a bit of both) and you will get 6 cloth pads, a pad wrapper, a snapped clutch wet bag & a drying strap to hang them on after washing.  Plus, the starter pack  is discounted by 10% over the cost of buying those items separately!

Daisy & Bird's cloth pads are worn with the pretty side up so you can see it, and the plain side against your underwear. They snap closed around the gusset of your underwear with snaps to hold them in place.  I use KAM snaps, which have been applied by an industrial snap press - the snaps are very strong, and care should be taken when undoing them to ensure you do not damage the fabric.

Cloth pads generally last at least as long (often longer) than the equivalent disposable pad before they need to be changed, however, during the day they should be changed every 3 - 4 hours, depending on the heaviness of your cycle.  Some people choose to change the pad each time they go to the toilet - either is fine, it's personal preference. It is perfectly fine to wear a pad to bed overnight without needing to change it.

Core Fabrics:

The absorbent core of the pads is bamboo fleece.


Absorbency level is marked on the left wing with stars 

* Light - 340gsm bamboo fleece

**Moderate - 500gsm bamboo fleece

*** Heavy - 1000 gsm bamboo  fleece

**** Super Heavy/Post Partum - 1250gsm bamboo fleece

Backing Fabrics:

Premium Fleece - breathable, water resistant

Hidden PUL (polyurethane laminate) - PUL is a very thin, breathable waterproof layer, it is hidden behind a layer of microfleece or cotton/lycra

​Windpro - breathable, water repellent fleece

Soft Shell - fleece with a waterproof laminate layer 

Do you NEED a waterproof layer, like PUL, Soft Shell or Windpro? It's a personal choice.   If you have fairly average periods, change your pads regularly, and are using the appropriate level of absorbency for your flow, then no, you don't, regular fleece is perfectly fine.  However, many people just prefer the waterproof options because they are a little thinner, and come with the security of having that waterproof layer, 'just in case...'

If you have particularly heavy periods, are using the pads for post-partum flow, or for light bladder leakage, then I would suggest either hidden PUL or soft shell backers.  

I also make beautiful ladies underwear, known as Scrundies or Bunzies...  They are unbelievably comfortable.

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And for a last little bit of feel-good vibes, why not check out the Daisy & Bird Kiva Team - Kiva loans are micro loans in increments of $25USD that make a tremendous difference to people in developing countries to get ahead, and being a loan, it gets paid back ☺.  I have personally decided to help women who are trying to earn money by starting their own business, but of course, you can lend to whoever you like.