Basic Range Cloth Pads - Made to Order

Daisy & Bird

Regular price $9.00

Daisy & Bird's basic range still brings you the same quality workmanship and materials - the only difference is that there is no choice of fabric or pad shape.

Basic Range pads are made with a topper of soft black suede cloth, the same bamboo/hemp core as all other Daisy & Bird pads, and a back layer of PUL hidden under black cotton lycra.  Suede cloth is a fantastic topper, it's soft, super wicking and stain resistant.

They are stitched with multicoloured thread, so you can still wear them pretty side up!  Available in 8 inch light, 10 inch moderate and 12 inch heavy only.

The lack of choice is reflected in the price, they are 25 - 30% less than other pads, however there is no change in the quality, nor the time it takes me to make the pads.

* Please note that all made to order pads *may* take up to 4 weeks to be completed once payment has been received.