Custom Made Pads

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Front Flow
Centre Flow
Back Flow

2.5 Inches
3 inches

Custom order for Cloth Pads, snapped width 2.5 - 3"
  • Choose your preferred pad shape - Elegance, LaLuna, Simplicity or Vixen
  • Choose your preferred style (front/centre/back bleeder) **
  • Choose your preferred snapped width
  • Choose your preferred length
  • Choose your preferred absorbency
  • Choose your backer fabric (information on backing fabrics)
  • Choose your topper fabric from the Fabric Gallery
All pads will have a hidden layer of flannelette
* Light pads:  400gsm bamboo fleece
* Moderate pads: 500gsm bamboo fleece
* Heavy pads:  1000gsm bamboo fleece

* Super heavy pads 1250gsm bamboo fleece 

* Please allow up to 4 weeks for your pad to be created  

** Front/centre/back bleeder (flow) refers to the shape of the pad.  Front flow pads are larger at the front than the back, for those who find they need more coverage at the front.  Centre flow pads have the same amount of flare at the front and the back.  Back flow pads have a larger flare at the back for those who need coverage there.  They are often great for over night or post-partum too.