Post Partum Pack

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Front Flow
Centre Flow
Back Flow

There are enough pads here to get your stash started! The Post Partum Pack is 15% cheaper than buying the same items individually.

This pack is recommended for you if you have a very heavy flow, or you are planning to use cloth pads after your baby is born. These pads are larger and more absorbent than the other pad packs.

The Post Partum Pad Pack contains:

2 x 16 inch super heavy pads

5 x 14 inch heavy pads

2 x 12 inch moderate pads

10x12 inch wet bag

Drying Strap

* Snapped width:  post partum pad packs have a snapped width of 3 inches.

You can choose your pad shape - do you need the most coverage at the front, in the centre, or towards the back?

You can choose from either pretty or pop culture themes, or a mix of both.  I am unable to accommodate individual fabric choices with starter packs, however I will do my best to accommodate your chosen theme, likes and dis-likes.

Minky is a great choice for post partum pads, it's great for catching gushy flow, and will be lovely and soft on your skin.  If you'd like minky, please put that in the text box.  I mostly have tie dye minky, not many pop culture prints.

Please feel free to browse the fabric from the Fabric Gallery, and put any specific likes and dislikes in the text box - eg. are you a mad Harry Potter or Disney fan? Do you love mermaids and rainbows? That way I can tailor your order to fit your preferences.

All pads will have a hidden layer of flannelette
* Moderate pads:  500gsm bamboo fleece
* Heavy pads:  1000gsm bamboo fleece
* Super heavy pads: 1250gsm bamboo fleece
Pads will all be backed with a hidden waterproof layer of PUL under cotton lycra.

 ** Please allow up to 4 weeks for your pads to be created